The Bar and Restaurant Scene & Location Based Advertising

The way you decide to pick a bar or restaurant to frequent may soon change (and has already begun) thanks to location based technology. According to Business Insider, mobile-local ad campaigns for casual dining restaurants outperformed campaigns without location targeting by a factor of two or three. Check out the video below which will help you better understand location based advertising if you are unfamiliar.

According to Millennial Media, 61% of Retail and Restaurant Brands utilized location-based targeting in their campaigns. Two-thirds of them being restaurants. Check out the infographic below.

restaurant industry location based services infographic

As of May of 2013, there were 770 million GPS-enabled smartphones. This number will only continue to grow as time goes on and marketers won’t be able to avoid this opportunity. If they choose to ignore it, they will fall behind in foot traffic as well as sales. The chart below displays click through rates for banner ads based on consumer location radius.

mobile user info

I predict a high rise in location based advertising for bars and restaurants to promote their daily specials, send coupons, special offers, etc. Services like Groupon and Living Social may soon be a thing of the past and companies may resort to their own means of location based advertising with a farther reach and higher frequency. Companies like ClubTexting may soon be the new trend. Check out the features this particular company offers below:

  • Post signs around the bar that say “Text [keyword] to the number 25827 (212121 in Canada) for a free shot!”  Patrons can show the auto-reply message to a bartender to redeem.
  • Run a contest where people that subscribe to your texting list can win a $20 bar tab or a free private party during a sports game of their choice.
  • Send out a text message to subscribers on a rainy evening, offering free appetizers to anyone that shows their text by 10pm.
  • Add our customizable signup widget to your website, Facebook page, and email blasts.
  • Already have a list of opt-in numbers? Upload and import them with a single click.

If I were to receive a text / offer while out with friends highlighting specials or a coupon for a free drink at John’s Bar a block away, I’d be highly inclined to stop in. What are your thoughts on this type of advertising? Have you received any offers that drove you to a bar or restaurant?



The New Jose Cuervo Cinge #GetStung

Have you heard the latest from Jose Cuervo? It seems they have jumped on the cinnamon bandwagon and have developed a new tequila infused with cinnamon called Jose Cuervo Cinge.


Essentially, its base is Jose Cuervo Especial which is then infused with natural cinnamon. In the spirits world, the vodka category is flooded with flavored vodkas, the whiskey category seems to also be quickly gaining traction in the flavor world, but in the tequila spectrum, there are still few that have entered into the flavor category. Perhaps it will be the next big thing.

So you ask, what’s the big deal?!

The marketing and social platform behind this product launch is unlike anything that has ever been done before. The campaign basis stems from the scorpion shot in the movie Skyfall. Check it out:

Cuervo has rolled out a promotional campaign #GetStung in the bar scene where promotional models are doing a little something different than their usual sampling routine. While it’s important to get the liquid to lips and sample consumers on this new item, Cuervo has made this product launch a little more exciting and certainly stirring up some attention… with SCORPIONS!

Similar to the Skyfall movie, the promotional staff features a scorpion in the center of their sampling tray. While these scorpions are not live like the one in the movie, they were in fact real live scorpions at one point that were caught and preserved! The promoters encourage consumers to tell them a story about a time they were “stung” be it by a friend, ex-girlfriend, co-worker, situation, etc. They are then prompted to enter their “Scorpion Tale” onto the promotional tablet via an app followed by their email address at which this point the promoters will take a branded photo of the consumer interacting with the scorpion paired with a Cinge shot similar to the Skyfall movie. Upon the photo being taken, it will then send an email to the consumer with their scorpion tale and photo which can be shared on social media platforms. You also can view and search for your tale on the Cuervo Facebook Page via the Cuervo Cinge app. Check out the Facebook layout below, a consumer’s photo and subsequently his “Scorpion Tale.”

cinge fb  cinge pic

View the Scorpion Tale Here!

Have you seen any spirits brands integrate social media into their marketing like Cuervo has?


Wearable Technology. Will this be the Next Big Thing?

Wearable Technology, are you sold? Personally I’m not so sure, but in the 2014 Socialnomics video, it notes that wearable technologies allow everything to be shared to the world. Many may have heard of Google Glass, a device worn like glasses that can assist you with everything from navigation to taking photos, to clock your physical activity, send a message, google something, and more.

Glass Explorer

There has been some concern with consumers with the acceptability of this new device, but Google seems to be doing all it can to overcome that obstacle and are looking to Offer Ray-Ban and Oakley Versions of Glass. 

Ear Switch is another prototype device that Mashable describes as using infrared waves to detect when the wearer opens and closes his mouth. Those movements send corresponding command signals back to the device. Conceivably, apps could be created for the device that would let you do things like fetch traffic information or get directions by turning your head or biting down. Pretty crazy! Also noted is that it could potentially monitor the wearer’s health. Check it out below. 


Mashable posted an article, 7 Incognito Wearables You’d Never Guess Were Gadgets, one notable gadget are the Dash Headphones.


They are wireless, measure your heart rate, body temperature, speed, steps, and calories burned in addition to their usual functionality of playing music.

Another interesting gadget is the Cuff.


Cuffs are seemingly pretty fashionable GPS devices that also have the ability to connect with other devices. When the wearer pushes a button, it alerts others that are connected via a vibration. They are said to be useful for both emergency situations as well as to capture one’s attention.

Then you have the more common smart watches. The Smartwatch News Website posted an article about the top 5 Smartwatches to keep an eye out for 2014. The top pick for 2014 being the Pebble Steel.

One of the more interesting wearable technologies I came across are BLACKSOCKS Smarter Socks. They use an RFID chip to connect to your smartphone through an app. They will know which sock is paired with which, how many times they have been washed, how much lifespan they have left, and more. Check out the video. What will they think of next!?

Have you heard of any cool innovative wearable technologies that we haven’t covered?




Is MySpace Making a Comeback?

According to Forbes, MySpace is one of the top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends to dominate 2014. Taking a look back through its history, Myspace was founded in 2004, the same year Facebook launched. Take a look below for a little trip through time.  It’s crazy to think that Myspace was built in just 10 short days!

myspace infographic 2

Although MySpace and Facebook had similar platforms when they started out, they are very different today. Check out the current look and feel of today’s MySpace:

Myspace page

It has a much cleaner and sleek feel than the MySpace I remember and certainly has adopted a more modern design which will resonate better with consumers, especially since MySpace is trying to re-brand itself.

In 2011, Justin Timberlake purchased MySpace for $35 million, a lot less than the $100 million it was originally going for and way less than what was paid for it back in 2005 at $580 million. At its peak, MySpace had 76 million users. Between 2009 and 2011, it began to lose 1 million members per month. After Timberlake’s purchase and the launch of a new music player, it began to see a rise and reverse of that decline gaining 40,000 new members a day after the initial purchase.

According to The Telegraph, younger users are looking for alternatives to Facebook as they see it as “uncool” and something older generations use. Instead they are turning to the likes of Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and so on. Interestingly, Snapchat turned down a $3 billion offer from Facebook to purchase the App, if the deal would have went trough, it would have been the biggest purchase to date. Back in 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram for just $1 billion. You have to wonder if the supposedly “uncool factor” of Facebook among the younger generation has anything to do with it.

Getting back to MySpace, with its newer features like the ability to listen to a personalized radio station and an iPhone app, as mentioned before, Forbes predicts we will see a rise in interaction with the site during 2014 particularly among band and music lovers. BloombergBusinessweek posted a video “Is MySpace Back From the Dead?” which really helps to convey the changes the company has undergone, their current marketing vision, and the new features of the site in comparison to similar sites and other radio apps like Pandora.

While Forbes predicts they will see growth with MySpace, they admit that they don’t think it will ever compete in the same realm as Facebook and Twitter as it once did.  Only time will tell the future MySpace holds, but it will be interesting to see how it pans out over the next few years.

#JackFire Heating up the Social Media Scene!

Have you heard?!? Jack Daniel’s just released its newest member of the family, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire, which will more commonly be referred to as “Jack Fire.”


But most of you won’t actually be able to get your hands on it. Its being exclusively launched in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Oregon starting in April. Here in PA the World Premiere took place on Wednesday, March 26, 2014. The limited test market strategy could be considered ingenious. Consumers and distributors alike from all over the country were asking how and when they can get their hands on a bottle. According to Brown-Forman, as of Friday March 21st, 58+ million impressions had already been made online event before the launch of the product!

The flavored whiskey category seems to be spreading like wildfire, pun intended! According to Shanken News Daily, more than 50 new flavored whiskey products hit the U.S. market in the first half of 2013 alone! After the success of Sazerac’s Fireball, the iconic Jack Daniel’s brand decided to take advantage of the market opportunity and just four short months ago put this idea into play. Launching a brand from conception to completion is no easy task, Brown-Forman, the parent company of Jack Daniel’s has said that much of the launch has been like a fire-drill being as though it has been such a quick roll-out.

The introduction of the brand has been kept extremely quiet and it was not until two weeks before the launch on March 12, 2014 that Brown-Forman published a press release about the newest member of its family. This is a much different marketing stance the brand is taking from what it has done in the past. Why you ask? Because they carefully analyzed the (highly successful) Jack Honey and pinpointed key learnings from the launch in the hopes of making Jack Fire more successful at an even faster rate!

So what exactly are they doing differently? Social media. The brand team is aiming to target the Millennial generation and what better way to reach them than through social media? Brown-Forman has hired dedicated team members to specifically monitor their social media pages during prime bar industry hours (weekend evenings through bar closing hours) so they can capture, respond, and interact with those posting about Jack Fire right as they are posting, something that has not been done before by Brown-Forman. With 58+ million impressions before the release of the product, the amount of impressions is sure to explode overnight once it starts getting into the hands of consumers.

The brand leaked on Twitter that a few retail stores in Oregon had a couple cases of product. Within minutes consumers were Tweeting that they were scurrying to the stores, posting when and where they could or could not find the product and ultimately posting a photo when they were able to get their hands on a very coveted bottle.

Jack Daniel’s main goal is to stir up a “gotta try it” buzz and focus more so on, “Entertainment, lifestyle and alternative media including specific blogger outreach rather than traditional whiskey/spirit focused media,” according to the brand. They have partnered with The Whiskey Women, Barstool Sports, The Spirits Business, Bloomberg Businessweek Lifestyle, Cocktail Enthusiast, among others to help spread the viral fire.

Prior to its release, Jack Fire sent out “teaser” messages on its social media sites to stir up excitement like the one featured below.

jack fire teaser

For the PA launch, t-shirts featuring the hashtag #JackFire were produced to help spread the word even more during a distributor bar crawl to officially launch the product. Check them out below!

shirt back shirt front shirt

There is much more in store for this hot brand, but I won’t ruin all of the surprises. Stay tuned for more updates and help spread the fire!

@JackFire #JackFire

Practice Fire Safety. Drink Responsibly.


#Selfies, Teens, & Success

Have you heard the latest greatest / most awful song?

You may love it, or you may hate it, but with over 31 million views on Youtube since its debut on Jan 29, 2014, you can’t help but be exposed to it. It is currently in the 18th spot on the Billboard Top 100, #13 on the iTunes chart, and most likely isn’t done climbing yet!

Fun fact for the day… in 2013, “Selfie” was added to the Oxford Dictionary (along with Twerk!)

So, what’s the secret behind it’s success? The Mashable article says including selfies from dozens of major social media influencers in the video, a strategy called “matrix publishing” by theAudience. The more it’s connected, the more opportunities to be viewed and ultimately shared.

The artists credit the success in part to the current selfie trend, but more importantly from its help from teen social media stars who appeared in and posted the video. Acacia Brinley, with 1.2 million Instagram followers, and Nash Grier, who has 6.5 million followers on Vine. They had a larger reaction than David Hasslehoff who was also featured in the video. Bottom line? If you really want your brand to succeed and fast, get a social media celeb to back it!

According to, selfies are the most popular #hashtag category for teens on Instagram, making up 35% of pictures 14-21 year olds post on Instagram while food ranks at 31% and friends at 17%. More than 88 million #selfies are tagged on Instagram. Everybody’s doing it, did you see Ellen’s epic selfie at the Oscars? She gathered quite the celebrity line up.

Many marketers have taken advantage of the selfie trend and I envision many more to come with statistics like that, specifically targeted towards our youth. Axe Deodorant being one of them running a #kissforpeace campaign. For more recent campaigns, check out this link!


And have you heard of the new “selfie stick“? According to the Huffington Post, it may be the next big thing! See below for visual.

selfie stick


It basically is exactly what it says it is… a metal stick that holds your phone. Essentially it is an extension of your arm. I wonder if we’ll start seeing teens carrying them around!?

I think in addition to the typical “selfie” and selfie campaigns, we will see the concept be pushed even farther and intertwined more within the social media realm. Last week I learned of a really cool app that Stolichnaya developed. RECAPP by Stoli. Check it out:

It allows you to capture your night and turn your photos into a video montage of your evening which you can then share and post to your social feeds and connect friends. I think its a really cool concept that has the potential to really take off. I foresee more things like this to come in the very near future. With the recent Facebook change that will allow shares to garner more impressions, these types of tactics will be fun but also could prove to be highly beneficial and successful to a brand and their following.


In a world of hashtags, pictures, infographics, videos, and blogs, the way we speak, act, market, and most importantly COMMUNICATE is ever evolving. Consumers and marketers alike will need to adopt the new ways of the world or they will fall miserably behind in society.

Today I text messaged my Aunt for her birthday and thought about the fact that before texting and emailing existed, that would have needed to be a phone call. Some people tend to think that technology has weakened interactions and communication, but I beg to differ. I wish more people a happy birthday now than I would if I had to pick up the phone and call. Emerging Media is inhibiting more communication and in my opinion for the better!

In 2012, 9.6 trillion text messages were sent worldwide. posted an infographic paired with an article that compared texting to dating and marketing.

Text Me Maybe

A recently released Velocfiy study, Text Messaging for Better Sales Conversion, found conversion gains as high as 328 percent when using text messaging appropriately in the sales process. Clearly texting is on the rise whether it is for personal communication means like dating or with a professional intent like marketing a new product or service. People like to be able to access the world from the palm of their hands which is key for marketers to remember in this day and age.

Within the next few years I foresee a major reliance on social media for marketing. It is another major means of communication in today’s world. I stumbled upon a really cool article on Mashable that features, My Social Strand, an interactive website which turns your Facebook Profile into an infographic. It was originally designed by Be the Match, a website encouraging bone marrow donation in the hopes of increasing awareness as well as donors. Check out my facebook infographic here!

I predict this “facebook profiling” as a huge marketing opportunity and I think that many companies will create infographic profiles on facebook users in order to better target them for their products and services. The more you interact, like, post, share, etc. the more information the world will have on you and the better ability marketers will have to specifically target you for products and services.  The number of social media users is astounding. Check it out below.

social media users

This is the future of communication and thus marketing will need to continuously adapt to this ever evolving and emerging world.